Blood Capsules - 10 Pieces

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Brand: Epic Effect
After countless hours of research and crafting, our fine mages and spellcasters have found a way to disguise oneself as another creature of the realm, from the more established orcs and lizardmen through to brutish bloodthirsty monsters that roam the realm, and the results are quite stunning and not permanent, well we're still waiting to see that, but they shouldnt be, I hope!

This makeup allows you to fully transform yourself without wearing a mask, or with to give perfect edges to it.

Usage Instructions:
Insert one Epic Effects Blood Capsule in your mouth. Keep it between cheek and upper gum to expose it to the least possible moisture and improve capsule persistence.
At the intended moment, move the capsule between your teeth and bite down on it.
Spill the saliva from your mouth to obtain the intended effect. Some practice may be required.
Remove blood stains off skin and clothes by washing with soap and warm water.
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