Larp 300 Spartan Greaves

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Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
Frank Miller's blockbuster "300" rocked box offices almost as completely as the 300 Spartans unsettled the Persian army. By now everyone is aware that the film was not a historically accurate rendition of the events that took place back then, because the original comic itself was more interested in aesthetics than accuracy. The clothing and weapons are just as imaginative, if you think about the fact that the Spartan hoplites were the most heavily armed warriors of antiquity and had to carry around 25 kg of armour and equipment.

One of the really heavy elements of this otherwise scanty battle outfit are the massive greaves made of steel coated with brass. These impressive shin protectors are a bit over 60 cm long. The lacing at the back adjusts to fit your legs perfectly.
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