LARP Gothic Breastplate and Backplate with Tassets

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In the second half of the 15th century, the art of crafting plate armour reached its peak when it came to fusing form with function. Despite the fact its full body armour, the construction allows the warrior wearing it full freedom of movement.


Our Gothic breastplate with tassets is a typical part of plate armour suits. It consists of a cuirass, which has a movable fauld and culet, and comes with removable tassets. For even more wearing comfort, a rounded edge has been welded to the front part of the neck and it is flanged at the back. The same technique was applied to the armholes: they are also welded at the front and flanged at the back to avoid sharp edges at sensitive places. Brass and steel rivets and bolts fasten individual elements and add to the decorative effect of this Gothic armour set.


It has broad, stable leather straps with buckles to fasten the shoulders together, and narrow leather straps at the bottom for connecting the other pieces, including the tassets.


This Gothic Cuirass includes a breast plate and back plate, handcrafted in 18 gauge steel with articulated lower waist and tassets (upper leg protection).


Comes with fully adjustable straps that allow a fit up to 48" chest measurement.

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