Larp Basic Hood

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Brand: Epic Armoury
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Brand: Epic Armoury
In the dens and shadows this basic hood is often made by hand or stolen from vendors, worn as a simple yet effect way to shadow ones face and often combined with a mask this is a common hood among rouges and thieves. This hood is not confined to the world of men though and has been taken from the corpses of many races from Lupine Walkers to Orcs, this hood is a great way to hide your face and your true intentions.

This clothing is ideal for adventurers new and seasoned in LARP and is a great, high quality piece of equipment.

Key Features:
100% Cotton
Durable Medium Weight Fabric
Size - Small - Medium / Large - X Large
Machine wash on 40°C. Wash separately the first time, hereafter with similar colours.
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