Larp Collodium / Collodion 30ml

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Brand: Epic Effect
Epic Armoury’s Collodium is the non-flexible form of collodion, a syrupy solution made from pyroxylin in an ether and alcohol solvent. This rigid collodion is great for theatrical makeup effects, including: scarring, wrinkles, and burns Directions for use: Apply a thin layer of collodion to fleshy skin and allow it to dry completely. You will feel the collodion tighten and pull and pucker the skin where applied. The looser the skin, the more dramatic effect you can achieve! It is especially noticeable on cheeks, and can be layered with multiple dried coats to get deeper lines. Add to the look with some water-based makeup by adding some pink for a new scar, or brown for an old one. Use powder to remove any lasting shine and finish with setting spray. Removal: Repeated application of rigid collodion to the same spot can cause damage to the skin and actual scarring. Safely remove the dried film by using Collodion Remover and cotton balls. Soak the cotton balls in the oily remover and wipe at the collodion effect until it peels off gently. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful when applying collodion to avoid the eyes and mouth. Apply in a well ventilated area. Keep away from open flames, as this product is highly flammable. QUALITY Optimizes your Epic Effects Make-Up effects Made from pyroxylin, ether, and alcohol Used by professional makeup artists in the theatre- and movie industries MAINTENANCE Store in a dark and cool place. Make sure the container is tightly closed.
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