Larp Dark Drake Breastplate

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In the chaos lands there are a few dragons, tamed by the chaos lords and ridden into battle on occasion, these devastating beasts and their riders are know for killing many, but the strangest part to these chaos lords is their armour, the molten metal is forged on the belly of the riders dragon, giving his suit the same body grooves of his dragon, as to why this is done, only the chaos lords will ever know.

This armour is ideal for adventurers both new and seasoned in LARP and is a great, high quality piece of equipment.

Key Features:
Dark Steel Construction
1mm thick steel for light weight and good durability
High quality leather straps and lining
Width - 63cm(Medium) / 77cm(Large)

When storing this item make sure to keep the breast plate lightly oiled & dry during use to avoid rusting. To keep the leather in top condition remember to maintain it on a regular basis with leather care products.
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