Larp Galahad Shoes / Boots

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Brand: Epic Armoury
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Brand: Epic Armoury

The army passed through the narrow mountain pass early that morning. You know this because there were sounds of fighting ringing through the valley, disturbing the usual quiet. As a poor beggar, you decided to follow in their trail, hanging far enough back that you are ignored. Along the trail you find some of the wreckage of the army’s fight against a tribe of goblins--and the remains of a poor soldier fallen and forgotten.

After some hesitation, you loot the body. You take their black Galahad shoes, uniform, and the dagger still sheathed in their belt. With these items you might be able to slip into the army’s ranks and adopt a new life for yourself. It isn’t an easy life, but you know for a fact that these soldiers are at the very least well fed.

Epic Armoury’s Shoes Galahad are medieval shoes ideal for a townsperson, scrappy adventurer, or soldier. Made from tough, yet supple black dyed leather and a rubber outsole, this shoe is handmade and durable while still offering comfortable support around the ankle. Easily slide these shoes onto your feet, adjusting the fit by lacing the leather drawstrings tight below the ankles.

Epic Armoury’s Shoes Galahad are designed with a pointed toe and contrasting, resilient stitching. They are a perfect addition to your fantasy or historical reenactment costume and will last a long time with proper leather care and maintenance. Epic Armoury’s footwear is measured in European sizes.

Most leather shoes have used a sewn-on sole since the 17th century
This shoe does not have a cap toe, giving it a more formal appearance

Made from synthetic leather
Stitching around edges strengthen structural stability and increase lifetime
Handmade by qualified professionals. Measurements are approximations.

Clean by removing dirt with a hard brush, then gently rub on soap with a clean, damp cloth until the surface appears clean. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth to wipe away any soap residue and then use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining water.

There is no need to do any furhter maintenance on snthetic leather.

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