Larp Mutant Skin Full Mask

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The nuclear fallout left the land barren and radioactive in the years following. The creatures that were the strongest survived, but not without suffering great changes and malformations considered terrible and ugly. You were born to this face, mutated and stretched and broken, and for you it is all that you know.

If you are to continue to survive, you will need to fight. Destroy those who are soft and take what you need. Do not rest for fear that someone stronger and more suited to this land will find you, in turn.

Epic Effects’ new Mutant Skin is a full mask that has gone through too much radiation. Once a man’s face, it has been transformed into the face of an unrecognizable monster. Misformed features, boils, and cold, dark eye sockets are sculpted to create a terrifying, but realistic mask. Textured skin and handpainted details add to the quality.

The mask fits over your face and chin, moving with your natural jaw movement. The mask is made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, ensuring long life and extended reuse. The mask is a large fit made with good room for breathing and ventilation, thus improving comfort with extended wear. The look and style of the mask can be modified by highlighting it with Epic Effects' Water Based Makeup from event to event.

Mutation occurs when the DNA of an organism is changed, a process that can be caused by evolution, cancer, etc.
Chemicals that induce mutations are called mutagens, most of which are considered to be carcinogens
Mutants are represented in a lot of science-fiction and fantasy such as in Marvel’s X-Men comics and Bethesda’s Fallout games.

Thick 100% natural high-quality latex skin
Clear, fine details
Excellent fit, modelled on a living person
Expressive face that fits over the jawline, allowing the mouth to move with your natural jaw movement
Easy to maintain
Multiple reuses

After each use, wash the inside of the mask with a damp sponge or cloth with a mild detergent to remove the natural oils from your skin. After drying, dust it lightly with baby powder.

Additionally, this Epic Effects Latex mask requires Epic Armory Silicone spray to help keep the latex flexible and to protect the mask against dirt, wear and tear. Spray the silicone directly on your mask and work it into the entire surface with a cloth.

Store the mask on a Styrofoam head or stuff it with plastic garbage bags to retain its shape.

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