Larp Soulstealer

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Brand: Epic Armoury
The soulstealer blade, ripping the very soul from its victims as the blade rends the flesh, the gem on the hilt craves souls and will consume that of its owner if not kept sated. Discovered deep in the Alterac Caverns this blade is of unknown origin but even the slightest cut from the blade will leave the target feeling drained and breathless.

This weapon is ideal for adventurers both new and seasoned in LARP and is a great, affordable high quality product.

Key Features:
Foam & Latex Construction
Flexible Fibreglass Core With Kevlar Tips
Size - 110cm

The Epic Armoury latex coated products needs regular maintenance with Epic Armoury maintenance silicone which is 100% pure and acid free. The silicone will keep the coating flexible and make the product last much longer. The maintenance silicone protects the coating from drying out, and helps the weapon resist wear and tear.
Spray the silicone directly on your latex product and work it in on the entire surface. Avoid leather handles, and other non-latex or varnish elements. You can never use too much silicone.
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