Padded Arming Belt

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Brand: Stone Castle

These sturdy padded arming belts are ideal for being worn with a gambeson or under your armour. It's durably construction and its relatively thin profile with no metal fittings or buckles allow it to be worn under armour, clothing or chainmail without it snagging or becoming entangled.


These belts come in black or natural and come without a buckle. so need to be laced and tied to fit and secure to the waist. Cords with aiglets are ideal for this (sold separately) but you could use any manner of sturdy cords to achieve a fit. The belts have a series of reinforced grommeted holes along them to allow mail, chausses or other armour pieces to be laced onto the belt.


Available in

Large - 5cm (2") Wide & 103cm (40.1/2") Long

XLarge - 5cm (2") Wide & 112cm (44.1/2") Long

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