Larp Pirate Queen Corset

Availability: Usually Ships In 1 - 5 Days
Brand: Andracor
Every pirate crew needs a captain, or in some cases where they are led by a bloodthirsty woman, they can even be proclaimed as a Pirate Queen, of course Pirate Queen or not, their raiding ways are not tolerated in the realm and they are hunted down, giving us this particular Corset that seems to have become a boasting symbol of the pirate queens

This Armour is ideal for adventurers new and seasoned in LARP and is a great, high quality piece of equipment.

Key Features:
High Quality Leather
Adjustable Size To Fit Perfectly
Made To Order - Takes Approx 7 Days

To keep the leather in top condition remember to maintain it on a regular basis with leather care products.
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