Larp Mercenary Pauldrons

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Brand: Epic Armoury
Mercenaries, a lot of that type of folk around here, skilled with a sword and hiring their services out to slay beasts or others people, the shame is that many of them just aren't good enough with their swords to get the job done at times, we stock and sell this Merc armour to our more "shady" members who like to exploit fold for coin, we don't mind too much because at the end of the day, the coin and the armour always ends up with the guild again once they die.

This armour is ideal for adventurers both new and seasoned in LARP and is a great, high quality piece of equipment.

Key Features:
Polished Steel Construction
1mm thick steel for light weight and good durability
High quality leather straps
Size - One Size

When storing this item make sure to keep the armour lightly oiled & dry during use to avoid rusting.
To keep the leather in top condition remember to maintain it on a regular basis with leather care products.
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