Larp Shadow Blade

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Brand: Epic Armoury

Epic Armoury’s Dark Elven Shadow Blade is a latex-hybrid chopping long sword for the cruel Dark Elf or roguish villain. The sword is 100 cm long from tip to pommel, with a curved single-edged blade. The detailed crossguard features gold accents and a sculpted grip, allowing optimal maneuverability and comfort for the hand. The handle is cast and painted to look like a blackened bone, while the elegant and deadly blade is painted a metallic black.

With a dark, dangerous appearance, this Dark Elven Shadow Blade is our highest quality gear due to its impressive durability and detail. The blade is made from closed cell foam around a fibreglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, while the handle is a polyurethane foam cast that allows for greater detail and no maintenance. This hybrid model sword will make you confident in the safety and appeal of your weapon on the battlefield.



Overall length: 100 cm
Blade Length: 70 cm
Grip Length: 10 cm
Blade Width: 6 cm
Handle Circumference: 11 cm

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